Life Coach

Silken is passionate about helping people live exceptional lives. Her passion for people is authentic, and she is tireless in helping her clients uncover their deepest purpose and live their best life. Silken has been relentless in her pursuit of personal excellence and inner growth and she uses her considerable skill and experience in this area to support her clients on their paths.

Her clients range from CEO’s and Olympic athletes, to individuals simply seeking more clarity and meaning in their lives. Silken has learned from her own challenges, and whether it has been some disastrous moments in sport, raising her children, parenting a child with autism, or taking risks in her career, Silken draws from her real life experiences to connect with her clients and help them connect with their life goals.


“ Your skills as a rower were formidable, but let me say, your skills as a coach and mentor are just as great.  Since working with you I have made real and significant changes in my life.  I have found a greater sense of purpose but also a better balance between my career and my life outside of work.  Thank you.” - Anonymous 

“ The transformation of my life is phenomenal, thank you for your insights, your perspective and your relentless honesty.”    - Tenille Hoogland

“ I have greatly cherished and valued the work we have done together.  My dream board is evolving by the day and life is full of joy & purpose.”  - Lisa Davison 



Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Master Hypnotherapist Certification

Heart Math Certification

Contact: [email protected]