The Hundred Day Challenge Started on Day 74

My girlfriend Jane Roos is one of the most vibrant, creative, and dynamic people I know.  She started the Can Fund which raises money for Canada's Amateur athletes.  Jane has raised millions of dollars for our athletes and she is constantly raising the bar on dreaming big and living out loud.  Jane challenged herself to set five big goals in her life and achieve them in 100 days.  She needed people to do this with, so she rounded up another 20 friends and peers to make their list, and keep each other accountable.  I make it eleven.  My challenge starts on day 74 because I only heard about it today. Jane is going to send me a web-site link with information and when I get it I will share it with you.
It's funny how we can need structure like this to give ourselves that extra kick.  Every goal needs a finish line; otherwise, if you are like me you peck away at your goals rather than dig right in with gusto.  And so in the spirit of gusto I boldly state my 74 day goals right here on my blog for all of you to hold me accountable to.  If one of our challenges in life is following through, then something like a defined goal and others to goal set with will certainly assist in creating a check and balance.  I will keep you posted on my progress.

1. Find a publisher for my new book project.

2. Design and create a new Silken Laumann web-site that is more interactive.

3. Practice yoga 3 times a week.

4. Create 3 new paintings.

5. Write 74 pages of my book.

If you find yourself inspired to start your own version of the Hundred Day Challenge, please share it with me so I can share it with others.  All emails can be sent, and will be read, to [email protected].