The Gift of My Notes

Thursday night I, along with six thousand other humans, went to see Oprah at the Rogers Centre in Vancouver.  Although she did not dance, and only sang a small verse to the hymn, I Surrender All, her humour, her candidness about her extraordinary life, kept her audience riveted for two hours.  I was in the audience enjoying the company of five other remarkable women. Our resumes read Olympic athlete, writer, artist, chef, television personality and business woman.  Oprah reminded us that we are so much more than that, we are women fully expressing ourselves in the world.  Each of us is sharing what we know, while continuing to challenge ourselves to become even more.

Oprah reminded us to know our purpose, to share our talents and to look after ourselves, so that we can look after one another.  I scribbled these notes with a pencil in the darkened Rogers Arena.  My girlfriends asked for my notes and I share them now with you. If you were there I hope that something written below allows you to remember a remarkable evening.  These are my notes and only a rough interpretation of the evening.  Enjoy!

Stedman introduced Oprah as endearing and emphasized how “She is smart, but she will never let you know just how smart she really is.” Tremendous force in my life, She is a game changer. Every book she has had on her show has been the top of the bestseller list for 25 years.

Oprah  Walks on the stage, gives Stedman a huge hug, walked across the stage, made eye contact, took her time, talked about how cold Edmonton was, hockey stuff, she remarked how incredibly healthy everybody was and how the city was clean, with a funny little blurb about having she and her staff try to look for garbage.

Why are you here? {why Oprah is here} she talked about why others were here and why she was here, and then pulled it to the bigger question of Purpose.

Level of consciousness - why are we all here - we have all been called, you have been called - first serve yourself, so you can serve others and be a guardian of both; The Souls Guide.

Could life be so carelessly fated, of course not!

Pictures of certain ages came onto screens, including quotes, maybe 15, plus three video pieces.

Hanging laundry and her grandmother says “you watch good, because one day you are going need to do this for yourself.”  Little voice “hell no”.

Listening to my little voice my whole life - who are you? I am a whisper on the breath of God. Act 17:28

The divine, wave of the ocean of God, I know I am not the person, I know I am not God, but he comes through me and animates my life in my expression of myself (Silken interpretation).

Purpose is Spirit seeking expression - it’s in all the moments, not just the big moments. 

She then showed us early examples of the expression, church, reporting, etc

I always wanted what? I said, to help other people!

Connect all your threads, connect all your experiences—that’s your calling, that is your real job, and best when you find a way to get paid for it.

And it is not good enough just to have it, you need to share it. If your intention is service, your life is validated by giving, and greatness is determined by some changing moment, how and what I did.  These clarifying moments, realization that something I did was not in service; I stopped it; these can be the most remarkable lessons.

All the threads are connected, and I said Never Again.

I had to figure out how to use television, and at the moment I shifted to service - that changed everything.

However you contribute doesn’t matter, how big, how small, I have a big life, it has big consequences, when I make a mistake it is on national television and everybody, no matter how famous, no matter how accomplished, everyone asks the same question “was that alright?” 

Do I matter? Did you hear me? Do your eyes light up when I enter the room?  I SEE YOU.

Uses Physical Drama and Comedy.  I get so much validation, but in my relationship, every argument really comes down to one thing – we don’t feel validated, if you get this your life changes!

We all are having a human experience, she emphasized the relationship between each one of us, she is Oprah, I am Silken, you are William…we are all human.

You become what you believe.  Belief is the lense you see the world with, glasses might need a change.

Everything you do is already done to you. This is how I rule my life-equal and opposite reaction.  For every thought there will be an equal and opposite reaction, they hear the feeling behind the words.

You say yes, but I hear no, because that is your intention, I feel your intention!

Example of having guests wanting to say no but saying yes instead. Stevie Wonder calls for money she delayed him, she brushed him off, and then she said “no” and he was like, ok, well talk to you soon.  The world didn’t end, it didn’t feel awkward, it was just no.

Colour Purple.  Ms. Celia, all the thoughts, all the hitting, all the abuse, she tells him finally, brings her fingers up and says “go away, you have no power here.”

She never wanted anything so bad as to be in the Colour Purple, she prayed, she begged, she called the casting agent, he blew her off, told her she was not a real actress and so she reacted by going to a fat farm, it must be because I am fat; she was running around the track, hearing the slapping of her thighs together (again uses physical comedy) and finally lets go, she is crying, finally getting she has to let go of whether this happens or doesn’t happen; gets a call from Steven Spielberg, asks her if she is at a fat farm, “No, no” she answers it is a lifestyle retreat.  Good cause if you lose even one pound you might not be able to play …

You are not your disease.  We all have trials, talks about the hamburger trials, how when you have a big life, sometimes you have big trials, trial forces us to go deeper, to teach you, your life is opening up, showing you things.

When people show you who they are---believe them. Story of women she knows who came into her apartment and the door was slightly ajar; she was like “hmmm, that’s odd.”  Then a man says, sorry to scare you, I have sister, she felt a little odd, “hmmm.”  Raped her for the next four hours.

The Hmmm is your voice, your voice of knowing, it’s the whisper of god; that is something, yes, it is usually something, don’t deny your inner knowing. Only animals who will think “hmmm, and then go right towards the dangers.” When a dogs hackles come up, they run for cover, we hear a noise downstairs and think, maybe I should go check what that is.”

Take a breather - you are here.  We have all lost things, been betrayed, but we don’t need to give away our power - the real power is love.

We make choices. Trials often push us in another direction, when she lost her hair and couldn’t do the news, so she started to do interviews. 

Talked about the struggle of the first year, and about reading the headlines and going to bed and the headlines were still talking to her in slow voices before she fell asleep.  She realized if she was going to change the outer narrative, she was going to have to change the inner narrative.

The voices of the world will drown out your inner voice, you have to get still.

Be prepared to meet the moment of opportunity.  Step into the moment of opportunity. Open your heart to life.  The whisper is offering you a message, listen be still.  At first it is a whisper, then a tiny petal, then a stone, then a brick, don’t always wait to be hit by the brick.  Respond to the whisper, Pay Attention.

When I was living this life in Oprah Show, I couldn’t always see it, how big it was, even how wonderful it was, you can’t see how big it is because you are in the centre of it.

I feel the glory of my life.  I live with a sense of Grace.  Gratitude I practice daily; Gratitude changes everything.  Her Sun Rise Faith.  Privilege of a lifetime is being who you are, doing the real work to change what you believe.

The Untethered Soul, the fullest and highest expression of your self.   Did I matter? Life doesn’t happen willy-nilly.  Each challenge has a purpose.  Sometimes the end is just the beginning.

Your life is validated only thru your service to others.
Your most powerful energy is love.
No such thing as failure.
You have to be still to hear the voice of God.
You have to be still so you can hear the next right move.
There is no such thing as luck.
I am not lucky; I am prepared for the moment of opportunity.
Then you have to release and surrender.
You are opening your hand to life. Open hand, not a clenched fist.
You have to find your flow.   I had to learn to find my flow...
Life always speaks in whispers first; they don't come out of the blue.
Greatest spiritual principle in life is Gratitude.
Live, love, give gratitude and make manifest your life like the ocean wave.
The untethered soul -book
When you are no longer growing in that space, you feel the call, time to move to another space. Feel the call.