Canadian Athletes Now Fund

My friend Jane Roos asked me to contribute a painting to help raise money for The Canadian Athletes Now Fund.  This fund puts money directly in the pockets of Canada's finest, yet still struggling, athletes.  Despite Canada's international dominance in many sports, the athletes still struggle to heat their homes and keep up with their food bill (yes, many athletes do eat 6000-8000 calories a day).  Add travel and equipment costs on top of this and it is no wonder that many athletes leave sport because they simply can't afford to be an athlete anymore.  The Canadian Athletes Now Fund have contributed to athletes like Olympic Gold Medallist in Paddling Adam Van Koeverdan,  hurdler Perdita Felicien and many, many others.  Contributing to the Fund is one of the sure ways of helping athletes directly and supporting excellence.

The name of the show and auction is called Talent Supporting Talent and is now live for bidding.  You can see my 'masterpiece'  Lovetta on this sight.  I invite you all to have a look, have some fun and raise money for a great cause!  -Silken