Motivation tips from Canada's fittest women

Whether you’re going for gold or trying to stick to a gym routine, a little pep talk never hurts. We talked to some of Canada’s top athletes for advice on staying motivated.

Sport: Rowing
Top tip: Insist on some me-time

Silken Laumann captured the nation’s hearts when she fought her way back from a devastating injury—sustained during a training session just 10 weeks before the 1992 Olympics—to win bronze in women’s single sculls rowing. Today, she’s an author, a busy motivational speaker, and Kids Champion for GoodLife Kids Foundation. 

Laumann is also the mother of four children (ages 11 to 15). She knows first-hand that it’s often difficult for women to set aside personal time, but points out that doing so pays huge dividends. “When, as women, we honour ourselves and [decide] that we’re worth it, that we can be a priority in our own lives—we’re doing something actually profound, and it affects our sense of worth,” she explains. “It helps create positive boundaries in your life because you have to say to other people, ‘I’m worth it, it’s worth it for me to take two hours for myself and do something that’s good for me.’ Women are notorious for not honouring themselves.”