London’s calling local athletes to Olympic glory

When I watched Silken Laumann speak at the Inspiring Women conference last fall, I was drawn to the dent in her leg. It made me wonder how an athlete could recover from such a massive injury and go on to win an Olympic medal.

I had met Silken before, but I had never seen her injured leg. She is a dynamic interview with a compelling story. At the conference, she played a video of her 1992 bronze-medal performance in rowing. I got chills seeing it again. She won her medal 10 weeks after she was hit by another boat while training. Her leg was so badly damaged some feared she might not walk again.

Hearing about her remarkable recovery I could only think of the great difference between us mere mortals and Olympians. They dream big. They train hard. They push through pain. They don’t settle.

This kind of drive and determination is fuelling local athletes with their eyes on the summer Olympics in London, England. We launch a series today chronicling their drive to compete on the world stage.  By Lynn Haddrall, From the Editor