Laumann provides healthy inspiration to school kids

Former world champion rower and Olympic medallist Silken Laumann, joined with students of St. Robert Catholic Elementary School on Thursday morning (Nov. 17) to celebrate their participation in the NSTEP Eat Walk Live with Nutrition Ignition program.

Laumann shared with students how at the age of 11, she started dreaming about winning an Olympic gold medal. She stressed how the connection between being healthy and achieving your dreams is something that goes hand-in-hand.

“If your not healthy, it is very hard to realize your dreams,” she remarked, noting how it is difficult to find the motivation to strive for a goal if you don’t have the energy.

“Our mind doesn’t work separately from our body, they are integrated. Your motivation is higher when you come from a foundation of a healthy body.”

Made possible by a $60,000 grant from the GoodLife Kids Foundation through the Children’s Health Foundation, the program aims to help researchers find better ways to prevent childhood obesity by promoting healthy living.

Lead principal investigator Dr. Danielle Battram of Brescia University College, the NSTEP Eat Walk Live with Nutrition Ignition program works with students at the school to become healthier by promoting regular physical activity and healthy eating.