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Maybe moving house is emotional because it is about change. Change is what people say is good unless it is about them changing. If a friend tells you they are changing jobs, or buying a new house, or taking a new tact in their career, we say great, but most of us approach change in our lives with a degree of terror. Change is not just about adding things to our life, it is about letting go. And that is where the fear comes in. Letting go of a way of thinking that has helped us be sucessful in the past but is no longer working.

Olympic Closure

We are sitting waiting for the Closing Ceremonies to begin. Kate just leaned over and told me that this is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to her. When I asked what she meant she said the Olympics, that she couldn't even describe it but "it changed my life mommy." I honestly am not sure what she means but I think this is a very important thing. I know I feel it has been a priviledge to be here these past seventeen days.

Mayor Hazel McCallion

Leaving Canada Hockey Place after the Women's game I waited for the elevator with one of my personal hero's Hazel McCallion, the mayor of Mississauga.  As Two Mississauga natives we gave each other excited hugs while sharing our elation at Canada's Gold Medal victory.  It turns out that seeing the Olympic final was a dream come true for my hometown's Mayor, the longest running Mayor in Canadian history.

Sport and Gender - a Female Perspective

Back on the Ferry to Vancouver again today and the Olympic fever just seems to be growing. Doesn't hurt that our women won FOUR MEDALS yesterday. Spectacular and reminds me about how fortunate we are to live in a country that presents so many opportunities for women in sport. This in fact was the topic of conversation with two women and their four girls today, as my son and I sat on the ferry to Vancouver. They were concerned that Women's hockey wouldn't last in the Olympic Games. Wow, that would be a shame.

Gold Medal Reflections

Christine Nesbitt’s speed skating gold medal really affected me.

There was something about her quiet demeanour that I relate to. While all of Canada is cheering and going crazy like they just won gold, in some ways you feel separate from it, even though you are the centre of it.


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