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I Had It All

My girlfriend, who is a top executive in a Canadian bank, has two children, runs triathlons and manages to make time for her friends, said to a group of us a few years ago.  I have it all, and I want to get rid of some of it!  She ran her life like a military mission, and she was truly remarkable in her organization, or attention to detail and her sheer energy.  My friends and I marveled at her ability to have it all, and still seem so calm and together.  When she finally confessed to her feelings of overwhelm, exhaustion and failure, I don’t think any of us quite believed her.  She was the

Health Care for All Canadians

My dog Balto tore his anterior crucia ligament last week.  My healthy seven year old golden retriever and is now limping on three legs.  Fortunately, because he is an animal, he won’t have to wait long for surgery, in fact he could have it immediately.  Us humans are not so lucky, two of my friends are waiting for knee surgery, one has been waiting for over a year, limping along on one leg.  Humans have long waiting lists to have this so called, non emergency.  Walking on one leg and being in pain for a year doesn’t count for an emergency.

Just Start Dancing

My partner and I have four kids between us; two of his, two of mine. These last weeks of school have been a pure hell of driving, rushing to dance recitals, helping kids study for exams, counselling kids through exam meltdowns, dropping kids off for end-of-year sport parties and packing for end-of-year overnights.

Every morning for two weeks, I have woken up and braced myself for the day, reminding myself that it is June, a month that, next to September, every parents just hopes to survive. The list of special end-of-year events feels endless and almost un-doable.


Stanley Cup - Getting There

I am in the taxi trying to get to the Sky Train to bring us to the game - Game Seven of the Stanley Cup. 

Last night my partner, who owns GoodLife Fitness, was given two tickets to today's game.  We are guests of the NHL as we are in conversation with them about battling childhood obesity and other common passions.

I am an imperfect fan. I don't know all the players names and I sometimes get confused at what the referee called.

The Heart and Truth Fashion Show

Posted May 31, 2011 and although the event happened over a year ago, the sentiment is still relevant.

Yesterday, I participated in the Heart and Truth Fashion Show. Twenty strong and remarkable women wore spectacular red dresses to build awareness of women and heart disease. Heart disease and stroke kill more women than men in this country and still Canadians remain misinformed about the symptoms and risks for women.


I have been thinking of my morning with Tony Hsieh on and off for the last two weeks.  Tony is the architect and CEO of the runaway success Zappos, which is the single largest online retailer of shoes in the world.  Last year they grossed over $1billion in merchandise sales.

New Year

I am a big fan of the New Year, not from a party all night and kiss complete strangers’ kind of way but from the perspective of reflecting on the past year and planning for the present one.

The Right Motivation

Last night as I was accompanying my ten year old on her night of Trick or Treating, I had a thought I had never had before.  Halloween is a great exercise!  I watched as a gaggle of twelve kids not only walked the length of our 1km street, they ran full speed from door to door.  Perhaps the creators of the beep test which measures the relative fitness of kids by testing them in wind sprint, flexibility and other exercise need to find the right motivation.  Candy may be the answer.  Candy seems to motivate even the most inactive child to sprint from door to door.  Of course, the motivator ma

Catching my breath after the first week of school

I have input all my children's activities into my blackberry with hopes that I don't forget too many events and practices. Notice I said "too many"; it is a given that we are going to forget a few things, like that Friday is early pickup, like our child needs a new ballet outfit because she has grown two inches (that was yesterday), that Tuesday is formal day at school and she needs her blazer (that was today).


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