Rowing Canada Congratulates Silken on her Induction into Canada’s Walk of Fame!

23 years after Silken’s famous comeback in Barcelona she continues to shine on the national and international stage and bring recognition to our sport.  Her recent induction into Canada’s Walk of Fame is a significant national honour that recognizes not only her achievements as an athlete but also as an author, a speaker and a passionate advocate for personal health and well-being. Silken’s powerful messages reinforce those values that lie deep within our sport. We are truly proud Silken, of the way that you continue to inspire children and adults alike to reach their dreams!

Imagination is a magical power

“Imagination is a magical power.”  I said this in front of twenty five thousand young people as part of We Day this year.  We Day is a global movement encouraging activism, engagement and volunteerism in young people.  Every young person in the Saddle Dome in Calgary, the Rogers Centre in Toronto, had earned their way to the event by volunteering locally and globally.



Transitions are a big theme in my life right now.  My son is going off to University, I finished a book a year ago and am pondering next steps in my life, and every client I am coaching seems to be going through some sort of significant life change.  Transitions are comprised of endings, beginnings and the space in between.  I was struck by something I read last week, “in order for something to begin, something else needs to end.”  Seems pretty obvious and yet it caught me off guard.  A beginning is also an ending, hmmm...

On World Autism Day

As a speaker, a writer and advocate for healthy kids, I make my life in the business of communication.  As a NLP Master Practitioner and Life Coach, I pay attention to the words people chose to express their ideas and emotions, and I am careful of the language I use to express my own.  I am a voracious reader, and it is normal for me to have nine or ten books going at once.  Words matter to me.


The Gift of My Notes

Thursday night I, along with six thousand other humans, went to see Oprah at the Rogers Centre in Vancouver.  Although she did not dance, and only sang a small verse to the hymn, I Surrender All, her humour, her candidness about her extraordinary life, kept her audience riveted for two hours.  I was in the audience enjoying the company of five other remarkable women.

The Amazing Willpower Muscle

I love beginnings.  They are filled with promise and the unknown; it seems like anything can happen.  The New Year 2013 is a beginning, it is an entirely different year and so entirely different things can happen.  I could become better organized, punctual, and less prone to forgetting dentist appointments.   I could, in fact do all of these things, but I have learned to choose my resolutions carefully.  As in most things, focus is a key ingredient to successful resolutions.  For years I began my new year by listing all the things I was proud of in the previous year, this was a feel good wa

GoodLife’s Spin 4 Kids!

My butt is killing me.  Spin 4 Kids was held throughout Canada this Saturday March 3rd, and I cycled, alongside GoodLife’s fearless leader Patch, and Olympic cyclist Seamus McGrath, for 2 hours!  I can almost hear you die-hard spinners and cyclists mocking my complaints, but my bottom end has not been conditioned for this kind of abuse.

Just Start Dancing

My partner and I have four kids between us; two of his, two of mine. These last weeks of school have been a pure hell of driving, rushing to dance recitals, helping kids study for exams, counselling kids through exam meltdowns, dropping kids off for end-of-year sport parties and packing for end-of-year overnights.

Every morning for two weeks, I have woken up and braced myself for the day, reminding myself that it is June, a month that, next to September, every parents just hopes to survive. The list of special end-of-year events feels endless and almost un-doable.



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