Go Canada Go!

The oval was shaking from shouts of “go Canada go” for Christine Nesbitt. When halfway through that last lap she looked to be still almost half a second off pace and I really wondered whether she could pull it though. And then there she was crossing, and when we all looked up it said Canada first and the crowd went crazy. High-fiving complete strangers like it were our own medal. My son William, mouth open wide, simply shouting “Gold”. My daughter burst into tears; because it was so loud she sat down just before Ms. Nesbitt finished, and now she says she missed the gold medal.


Canada is Hockey Crazy

Ok, it's official. Canada is hockey crazy.  In Canada Place tonight I have never witnessed more screaming red and white grown men and women in my entire life.  And this is the first game. My son was working me hard to get one of the two tickets to the game, but a night out with my fiancée won out.  Date night at the Olympics. We had a wonderful time thanks to the hospitality of The Hudson Bay.

Gold for Canada in that wild Snowboard Cross. Congratulations Maelle Ricker!


The Magic Torch

The biggest thrill in carrying the Olympic Flame as one of Canada’s first runners (ok, walkers) was having my kids on the Legislature lawns watching on. Actually screaming is a better word, Kate was on my fiancé’s shoulders screaming “Go Mommy” as if I was competing in an Olympic final. It didn’t make me walk any faster. My old injury was a great excuse but really I just wanted to fully enjoy the thrill of actually carrying the Olympic flame and the energy of the crowd for the full two hundred metres.


What the Olympic Torch means to me

To me the Olympics are really simple. They are about young people who have found the courage to dream and put it all out there. Kids who one day were inspired by something and said “I want to do that.”  And by some miracle they started doing, and they found others to support their dream, to guide them. These athletes are consumed by their ambitions to become the best in the world at what they do. A sport as little known as Skeleton, or Rowing , or Short Track Speed Skating, captures their imagination and begins to shape their life.


Balance and Unbalance

Every year as I hit the peak of my busy speaking season, I feel out of balance. I lament at how out of shape I am, how out of control my life feels, how little time I am spending with my friends, how disconnected I am with my yoga practice. It is a different version of the same story each fall speaking season. Just as I begin to despair, I am given the gift of perspective. I remind myself that this “unbalance” has only gone on for six weeks.



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