Marathon Weekend 10-10-10

Sporting events are one of the few ways that we come together in an experience of community. This weekend fourteen thousand people shared the experience of running, walking or wheeling their way through the streets of Victoria for the GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon. In a world where headphones and email create more distance than connection, this experience of running together, of lining up with others from 24 different countries, is a soul filling experience.



I am coaching my son's middle school rowing team.  Three coaches, thirty two kids, two volunteers and thirty two pubescent kids who have never rowed before.  Might well be a recipe for a migraine but I am finding myself absolutely loving these kids. My experience in sport spanned twenty years, rowing was a wonderful teacher, and to now have the opportunity to pass a little bit of this on--an absolute privilege.


What a morning!

We went to Cananda House and my son William and I held the Stanley Cup. Then we found the Canadian Mint and I was given a private audience with the Olympic medals. Each medal is unique, every single one has a different design. Can you imagine? They are absolutely huge and my sons dared to tell me these medals were way better than mine. Errr. Actually he is right, these are the most beautiful Olympic medals I have ever seen. Each meadal is truly a piece of art.


Women's Hockey, Cow Bells and Parties

So there I was at the Women's Gold Medal Hockey game as guest of Premier Gordon Campbell, when I decide to go get a bottle of water without disturbing any of my box mates. I climb over the seats and somehow one of my feet get stuck between the back of the chair and the floor, causing me to fall into the other seat and get my other foot stuck. So here I am, mid play, blood running down my chin, calling all the attention of disruption I have tried to avoid. Clara Hughes's husband Peter tells me whatever I do, not to panic, it just makes things worse. Wise words.

Sport and Gender - a Female Perspective

Back on the Ferry to Vancouver again today and the Olympic fever just seems to be growing. Doesn't hurt that our women won FOUR MEDALS yesterday. Spectacular and reminds me about how fortunate we are to live in a country that presents so many opportunities for women in sport. This in fact was the topic of conversation with two women and their four girls today, as my son and I sat on the ferry to Vancouver. They were concerned that Women's hockey wouldn't last in the Olympic Games. Wow, that would be a shame.

Own the Podium

Funny how a name can mean so many different things to different people. I have heard people comment that "Own the Podium" is unCanadian, it flies against Canadian graciousness and humble demeanor. Only this morning I read that perhaps the name itself puts too much pressure on the athletes. I guess it's all in how you see it.


Olympians Can't Get Tickets

I was talking to some of my Olympic comrades this weekend and as a group, they are feeling a little left out. Here are the Olympics happening on Canadian soil, and the majority of Olympic athletes, never mind the majority of Canadians, can't even get tickets. I am getting emails everyday from Olympians asking me if I have any special connection to tickets. There were no special ways for Olympians to get tickets and not alot of offers for anybody but a select few to get involved in the games.



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