How to Discover your Inner Athlete

I exercise almost every day. It kind of comes with the territory of being an Olympian who’s married into the world of fitness, but I pretty sure that’s not why I do it. I exercise every day because it makes me happy. Like, I actually mostly enjoy exercise in the moment.  People will tell me, “ah, exercise is so hard, it takes so much willpower.” But once you make it a solid habit of it in your life, once you create some positive structure around exercise, you don’t even have to think about it.

Being A Strong Athlete Didn't Save Me From An Eating Disorder

Four years ago, I shared my struggles with anorexia and disordered eating by writing a book, Unsinkable. Journalists in the following weeks expressed disappointment that another athlete had an eating disorder. They had held me up as a strong woman who went after her dreams, and suddenly I was sharing one of my weaknesses.

Rowing Canada Congratulates Silken on her Induction into Canada’s Walk of Fame!

23 years after Silken’s famous comeback in Barcelona she continues to shine on the national and international stage and bring recognition to our sport.  Her recent induction into Canada’s Walk of Fame is a significant national honour that recognizes not only her achievements as an athlete but also as an author, a speaker and a passionate advocate for personal health and well-being. Silken’s powerful messages reinforce those values that lie deep within our sport. We are truly proud Silken, of the way that you continue to inspire children and adults alike to reach their dreams!

Confessions of the Pathologically Competitive

I am the worst kind of competitive.  You know, one of those people who doesn’t think she is competitive, who thinks she is a good enough person that she can turn it off when with family and small children, that is until somebody in the room yells “go”.  Then her true nature shows.  To those who asked about the place of competitive in my life, post rowing, I had wonderful answers like I had found a balance, like I could just enjoy sport for fun, like now I was going for health rather than winning.


Decision by Rowing Canada wrong and should be reversed

Last night dozens of athletes were reaching out to Mike Spracklen as they heard the startling news of his very public firing from his position of men’s coach at Rowing Canada.  Mike Spracklen is a legend in our sport, and to the athletes he led over several decades in this country, he played a pivotal, positive role in their lives.  To so many of the athletes Mike coached, the firing is deeply personal.  Kevin Light, 2008 Olympic Gol


Mike Spracklen

The Canadian men’s eight gave an inspiring silver medal in London today.  They could not have rowed a more perfect race.  After getting off to a fast start they set a beautiful middle course pace keeping within striking distance of a medal of any color. The Germans looked dominant at the thousand but nothing put off the Canadians who inch by inch took it back from the British and Netherlands.



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