achieving our potential

A Well-Beaten Path (Part 1)

 It was when I was late for a meeting with a sponsor, running  around the house cursing, senseless with anxiety and frustration at once again not being able to find my car keys, that I had this epiphany:  we don’t make things different by keeping them the same.  If you want different results in your life you have to do things differently. I had an inkling that this was true for far more than my habit of flinging my car keys to the nearest table top when I first arrived home.


Confessions of the Pathologically Competitive

I am the worst kind of competitive.  You know, one of those people who doesn’t think she is competitive, who thinks she is a good enough person that she can turn it off when with family and small children, that is until somebody in the room yells “go”.  Then her true nature shows.  To those who asked about the place of competitive in my life, post rowing, I had wonderful answers like I had found a balance, like I could just enjoy sport for fun, like now I was going for health rather than winning.


The Gift of My Notes

Thursday night I, along with six thousand other humans, went to see Oprah at the Rogers Centre in Vancouver.  Although she did not dance, and only sang a small verse to the hymn, I Surrender All, her humour, her candidness about her extraordinary life, kept her audience riveted for two hours.  I was in the audience enjoying the company of five other remarkable women.

The Amazing Willpower Muscle

I love beginnings.  They are filled with promise and the unknown; it seems like anything can happen.  The New Year 2013 is a beginning, it is an entirely different year and so entirely different things can happen.  I could become better organized, punctual, and less prone to forgetting dentist appointments.   I could, in fact do all of these things, but I have learned to choose my resolutions carefully.  As in most things, focus is a key ingredient to successful resolutions.  For years I began my new year by listing all the things I was proud of in the previous year, this was a feel good wa

I Had It All

My girlfriend, who is a top executive in a Canadian bank, has two children, runs triathlons and manages to make time for her friends, said to a group of us a few years ago.  I have it all, and I want to get rid of some of it!  She ran her life like a military mission, and she was truly remarkable in her organization, or attention to detail and her sheer energy.  My friends and I marveled at her ability to have it all, and still seem so calm and together.  When she finally confessed to her feelings of overwhelm, exhaustion and failure, I don’t think any of us quite believed her.  She was the

Canadian Athletes Now Fund

My friend Jane Roos asked me to contribute a painting to help raise money for The Canadian Athletes Now Fund.  This fund puts money directly in the pockets of Canada's finest, yet still struggling, athletes.  Despite Canada's international dominance in many sports, the athletes still struggle to heat their homes and keep up with their food bill (yes, many athletes do eat 6000-8000 calories a day).  Add travel and equipment costs on top of this and it is no wonder that many athletes leave sport because they simply can't afford to be an athlete anymore.  The Canadian Athletes Now Fund have co


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