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The Hundred Day Challenge Started on Day 74

My girlfriend Jane Roos is one of the most vibrant, creative, and dynamic people I know.  She started the Can Fund which raises money for Canada's Amateur athletes.  Jane has raised millions of dollars for our athletes and she is constantly raising the bar on dreaming... more

New Year

I am a big fan of the New Year, not from a party all night and kiss complete strangers’ kind of way but from the perspective of reflecting on the past year and planning for the present one. Each year for the past ten years I have created a list.   Things I Am Proud of for 2010 and Things... more

Motivated Magazine - Enough

Fear is a perfectly useful emotion if you’re being chased down the street by a snarling Doberman. It triggers the release of adrenalin, pumps blood away from non-essential tasks like digestion, and narrows our focus so that the only thing we become aware of is survival. Fear is our... more

The Right Motivation

Last night as I was accompanying my ten year old on her night of Trick or Treating, I had a thought I had never had before.  Halloween is a great exercise!  I watched as a gaggle of twelve kids not only walked the length of our 1km street, they ran full speed from door to door.  Perhaps... more

Mind Body Spirit

All of us as adults can in some way relate to the concept of Mind Body Spirit.  We may have for a time in our lives, ignored the needs of our body and found ourselves stricken with illness or injury. After a few years of this, most of us wise up to how connected our mental acuity and our... more

Marathon Weekend 10-10-10

Sporting events are one of the few ways that we come together in an experience of community. This weekend fourteen thousand people shared the experience of running, walking or wheeling their way through the streets of Victoria for the GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon. In a world where... more


I am coaching my son's middle school rowing team.  Three coaches, thirty two kids, two volunteers and thirty two pubescent kids who have never rowed before.  Might well be a recipe for a migraine but I am finding myself absolutely loving these kids. My experience in sport spanned twenty... more

Canadians help fight for ‘defiled’ girls in Kenya

Every once in awhile, I have to pass along something that has deeply moved me. In our world of internet overload, it is easy to pass by those computer generated messages asking for our attention. But here's one I hope you'll pay attention to. Please read this article in The Toronto Star... more

Catching my breath after the first week of school

I have input all my children's activities into my blackberry with hopes that I don't forget too many events and practices. Notice I said "too many"; it is a given that we are going to forget a few things, like that Friday is early pickup, like our child needs a new ballet outfit because... more

Extraordinary and Exceptional Women

Today was one of those days that I reflect on and marvel that this is my life. A luncheon, as the guest of Laureen Harper at the G20. The other guests -- none other than her Excellency, Mrs. Obama, other spouses of World Leaders and some pretty impressive Canadian women like Astronaut... more