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Things I Am Proud of in 2011

I am writing my list: the list of all the things I am proud I have accomplished in 2011. It sounds kind of inspiring, but in fact it encompasses mostly modest things like giving up running yellow lights, reducing my sugar intake and taking good care of my dog after his leg surgery. The... more

Concussions: A Serious Injury

On Sunday I was skiing down Mt. Washington in British Columbia alone on a glorious sunny day when I caught an edge and veered out of control off the groomed part of the trail, where I immediately saw a gulley, couldn't jump it, and landed -- splat -- into the hard, icy snow, my head going... more

Motivated Magazine - Exercise Your Risk Muscle

The greatest risk I have taken in my life, I took unknowingly.   Fourteen years ago I became a parent, and when I did, I risked my very happiness on my children's lives.  The moment I took my baby boy William into my arms, my whole world shifted.   I knew from his first breath, that he... more

Random Acts of Kindness

Last week I was driving back from Mount Washington with my girlfriend Karin when I chanced to look at my gas gauge. Chanced, may be a clue to the systematic way I remember my gas levels. The gas was getting pretty low and we had just left the main town of Courtenay, British Columbia.... more

Women in the News

I have been in a rage of late. I feel it as I read the newspaper, as I read stories about women from around the world: women in Saudi Arabia who cannot drive their children to school, girls being used as sex slaves, young teenagers in Dubai who rot in jail because they got pregnant, three... more

Let Kids Be Kids!

The National Post ran an article last week on kid's health, titled "Are year-round sports taking toll on kids?" Parents are enrolling their kids into sports earlier and earlier, and the pressure to do more of a good thing is almost overwhelming. In the article, Dr. Murnaghan, an... more

The Mystery of Cooking a Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday. Hands down, no contest. Beautiful in its simplicity. To share food and be grateful, how does life get any better than this? Collectively, we all stop and count our blessings, and share with our friends and family food, laughter and love. If only... more

Sporting a New 'Do During Terry Fox Week

Terry Fox was a young man who lost his leg to cancer, and began his campaign to end the disease by running across this great country. Terry captured our imagination and inspired a nation with his guts and courage, and although cancer ended his journey prematurely, we never forgot his... more

Back to School Glee

New Year for me is marked by the sound of the school bell. As all four of our children leave for school today, I am absolutely thrilled to be back at my desk happily writing away. My kids will by mid-week be gone for a solid six hours. Six hours, what I can do with six hours? I will cram... more

Moderation: The Key to a Fun and Healthy Lifestyle

5000 fitness professionals gathered at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre this past weekend for the canfitpro International Fitness and Club Business Conference and Trade Show. You have never seen so much colourful workout gear in your entire life. The hotels in the surrounding area were... more