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The Amazing Willpower Muscle

I love beginnings.  They are filled with promise and the unknown; it seems like anything can happen.  The New Year 2013 is a beginning, it is an entirely different year and so entirely different things can happen.  I could become better organized, punctual, and less prone to forgetting... more

Decision by Rowing Canada wrong and should be reversed

Last night dozens of athletes were reaching out to Mike Spracklen as they heard the startling news of his very public firing from his position of men’s coach at Rowing Canada.  Mike Spracklen is a legend in our sport, and to the athletes he led over several decades in this country, he... more

Mike Spracklen

The Canadian men’s eight gave an inspiring silver medal in London today.  They could not have rowed a more perfect race.  After getting off to a fast start they set a beautiful middle course pace keeping within striking distance of a medal of any color. The Germans looked dominant at the... more

There are no guarantees

At the Olympic Games, there are no guarantees. None.  We see Olympic greats like Michael Phelps who owned the 100m butterfly in 2008, not finish in the medals.  We see world champions toppled in the heats, and athletes who were not on the radar screen for gold pull out the race of their... more

Motivated Magazine - Being Impeccable With Your Word

“Be impeccable with your word”.  So writes Don Miguel Ruiz in his landslide spiritual enlightenment bestseller, The Four Agreements. Make your word mean something. I am not always impeccable with my word, although it is something I understand the importance of and strive to honour. I have... more

Motivated Magazine - Authentically Me

Here is an unsettling idea: We are not who we think we are. Most of us go through our entire lives wearing a series of masks. We have different ones for different occasions. The mommy mask, all-smiling and eternally patient; the expert mask that we put on when teaching or advising; the... more

Ryder Hesjedal Tour de Victoria powered by GoodLife Fitness

A more glorious day for Ryder Hesjedal Tour de Victoria powered by GoodLife Fitness could not have been chosen, blue skies, warm but not hot, a breathtakingly beautiful course.  Powered not only by GoodLife Fitness and by Ryder’s spectacular Giro D’italia win, the 1600 cyclists that... more

Rick Hansen: A True Saint

Everybody is given the same 24 hours in a day. Today I spent four of those hours walking, running, sometimes limping with the Rick Hansen 25th Anniversary Relay. The relay celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Man In Motion World Tour while also bringing together 7,000 individuals in... more

Sport after Play

For all those parents who are worried that from the time their children are walking, they need to sign them up for sport—take heart.  I have long promoted the importance of unstructured play for children, particularly young children.  More about this can be explored in my Best selling... more

Tribute to Randy Starkman

I was standing beside Jane Roos, founder of the Can Fund, when I heard the sad news of Randy Starkman's passing. Randy was loved by every amateur athlete in this country.  When he called, my assistant would simply say "Randy called" and I would know that Randy would want my perspective,... more