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What does it mean to reinvent oneself, to reinvent one’s life? Some believe people can’t change. I have witnessed transformations in people that have led to a more meaningful and fulfilling life. I have transformed my own life to a level in which I no longer see the world in the same way... more

Canadian Health and Lifestyle Magazine – The Power of Family Play

We experienced her passion as she crossed the finish line to win an Olympic medal under seemingly insurmountable circumstances. Today, Silken Laumann channels her strength and determination to impact the quality of family life through physical activity. Silken shows us how play can bring... more

Parents Canada – Are You Raising an Olympian?

Vanessa Loewen’s day starts at six A.M. As she crawls out of bed to complete the homework she didn't have time for the night before (she had been competing at BC's provincial swimming championships). Today she will leave school and head straight to the pool where, with a group of 25 other... more

Vancouver Sun – What Makes a Civil Society?

The other day I was feeling a bit melancholy and so I put on my walking shoes and headed out with Balto, the family dog, to walk around the lake. As I walked, runners passed and grunted hello, strolling couples smiled my way, and I exchanged quick greetings with faces I recognized from... more

Parents Canada – Putting the Fun Back into Sport

William and Kate are in a terrific swim program twice a week. More accurately, it’s a swim club. My ex and I signed them up because we wanted them to build a strong foundation for other sports they might like to try in the future. The swim club provides such effective coaching that it... more

Parents Canada – Let’s Play

I am a passionate proponent of unstructured free play for kids. I know how to play with my kids and how to get them connected with neighborhood kids. Hell, I even wrote a book about it. And yet, admittedly, last fall, structure sort of crept up on us. One music lesson a week, two soccer... more

Parents Canada – Super Silken

In 1992, at the Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Canadian rower Silken Laumann was the favourite to win gold. She was already a world champion, and a bronze medallist at the previous Olympics in L.A, so Canada's medal hopes were high. Then tragedy struck, just 10 weeks before The Games.... more