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Left Behind

Recently I worked alongside another Canadian athlete, also a woman, whose athletic careers and early professional careers have paralleled mine. She is now entrenched in sport policy, the Olympic Games, national and international sport boards and has built a remarkable and successful... more

The Magic Torch

The biggest thrill in carrying the Olympic Flame as one of Canada’s first runners (ok, walkers) was having my kids on the Legislature lawns watching on. Actually screaming is a better word, Kate was on my fiancé’s shoulders screaming “Go Mommy” as if I was competing in an Olympic final.... more

What the Olympic Torch means to me

To me the Olympics are really simple. They are about young people who have found the courage to dream and put it all out there. Kids who one day were inspired by something and said “I want to do that.”  And by some miracle they started doing, and they found others to support their dream,... more

Canadian Athletes Now Fund

My friend Jane Roos asked me to contribute a painting to help raise money for The Canadian Athletes Now Fund.  This fund puts money directly in the pockets of Canada's finest, yet still struggling, athletes.  Despite Canada's international dominance in many sports, the athletes still... more

Gift of Inner Discipline

The idea of the "gift of inner discipline" struck me from the moment I saw the  words on Barbara Coloroso's book, Kids are Worth It.  Discipline may sound more like a yolk, or a shore but it is in fact, one of the greatest gifts we can possess in our arsenal of self development.... more

His Holiness The Dalia Lama and other Remarkable People

“What was the promise that life made to itself the moment you were born?” Margaret Wheatley This past weekend I was graced to be in the presence of his Holiness the Dalai Lama. I guess “oh my God!” may or may not be the proper invocation, but frankly the entire experience of being in a... more

New Year

Forget Auld Lang Syne's and the traditional New Year's celebrations, September is the real beginning of the new year: new school year for kids; a shifting into higher gears at work; a time where the musings of unstructured summer days get turned into the actions of a changing year.  Some... more

Today's Parent Magazine - Community Park Spaces

I was recently in Hong Kong, a crowded city of seven million. And yet, amid the thousands of high-rise apartments pressing one against the other with laundry hanging from windows, I found community parks — open spaces where young people meet to play basketball, older people find a place... more

The Problem Pile

There are times that I just feel plain pissed off at the number of curve balls that get thrown my way. I just get through one challenge and boom, there is another. And about the lessons - why do we have to keep learning? Isn’t there a time when we can just cruise for awhile? As I get... more

Balance and Unbalance

Every year as I hit the peak of my busy speaking season, I feel out of balance. I lament at how out of shape I am, how out of control my life feels, how little time I am spending with my friends, how disconnected I am with my yoga practice. It is a different version of the same story each... more