What does it mean to reinvent oneself, to reinvent one’s life? Some believe people can’t change. I have witnessed transformations in people that have led to a more meaningful and fulfilling life. I have transformed my own life to a level in which I no longer see the world in the same way. Transformation has led me to challenge my own limiting beliefs and let go of many of the thought patterns that have held me back.

This website reflects who I am today. It captures my interests, what I am standing behind and what I am speaking and writing about. Change and growth go hand in hand and I have experienced these both personally and professionally. On a personal level - retirement from rowing, the birth of two children, a divorce, the promise of a new life partnership. My belief is that change in the personal leads to change in the professional. My life is no exception. I founded Silken’s ActiveKids Movement in 2004 and we are now looking to partner with an organization that will help us reach more Canadian families and inspire them to lead more active lives. Writing has taken a more dominant position in my life and I am working on a new book about Personal Excellence. As an exciting side project, my daughter wants me to write an inspirational book for girls. Change is also a big theme in my speaking today. Why are we afraid of change? How can we manage our fear of change and see the opportunities that exist within each challenge and change that occur in our lives? Look out for lots of new speech material and writings in the coming years. And look out for change!

What hasn’t changed is my passion to help people lead magical lives. I want to share the tools and strategies that help us overcome fear and doubt and help people see the greatness that lies within each of us.

A special thank you to the following people for assisting me through these changes: Neil Tubb, a wise and generous council; Stacey Lund, who project managed the website; and, Red Bird Communications who developed the wonderful look, feel and functionality of my new site.