Tea with a Titan, Episode 11: Silken Laumann, Four-time Olympic rower

Guest TitanSilken Laumann, Four-time Olympic rower.

What we cover: If there’s something on this planet that’s more inspiring than the concept of those who rise again after they fall, well, I’m afraid I just don’t know what it is. And perhaps no other Canadian athlete most exemplifies the notion of “the comeback” quite like four-time Olympic rower, three-time Olympic medalist, Silken Laumann. After a horrific 1992 rowing accident that all but completely destroyed her leg, she was told there was a strong chance that she would never row again. The thing of it all? This was 10-weeks out from the Barcelona Olympic Games, and Silken had every intention of being there. With goal setting, visualization, and pure grit (including several hospital procedures and intense rehab), Silken made it to Barcelona, and to a medal finish at that. We talk about her challenging childhood years, redefining fear, and what the Olympics mean to her.

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