Simple Bribery

I am so astounded that simple bribery works.  I just bribed my child, pure and simple.  All year we have been working to get him to remember to write his homework in his agenda.  Each night as I check his empty agenda I hear the excuses.  There is no homework, the teacher was sick today, the teacher is disorganized and, oh mom, I forgot.  His look of anguish as he says” I forgot” is so sincere I believe it.  He is a forgetful kids and struggles a huge amount with organization.    We are paying a pretty penny for tutoring to help him with this challenge but this week I stumbled upon the solution.  Bribery.  Last week I told him I would buy him a $25 Starbucks card if he went a solid week writing in his agenda.  It is day three and he has remembered each day.  Who knew?  If this keeps up he will be enjoying his steamed almond milk and lemon loaf while I sip my skinny cappuccino extra hot.  Who is buying?   Silken