Sat Feb 13 Update

Today we went to Long Track Speed Skating - Men’s 5OOOM. Those crazy Dutch fans were almost as loud as us Canadians. When Sven Kramer won gold the whole band started and the entire grandstand erupted in singing!   Great athletes, and as endurance athletes whose race last roughly the same time, I could relate to the pain.

Now we are at women’s hockey. Canada vs Slovakia.  Canada is leading by seven and my son just ran out to the concession and met Premier Campbell. I asked William if the Premier had remembered him and William answered, “he meets hundreds of people mom, but he gave me a pin!”

There are people everywhere in this city and anybody selling something red with Canada on it is making a fortune. Hopefully a large percent of all proceeds will go to our athletes! It is wonderful to see the sea of red everywhere you turn. If you are going over wear your running shoes. To get into most venues it seems you have to circle them several times by foot. Yesterday I had boots on and I went to bed with huge blisters. Saw Jennifer Heil just before leaving the hotel today. She had a great run and as I far as I could see but until I get to a television that is all I know, so in fact you who are watching rather than being here are in some ways getting a more complete idea about how Canadians are doing.   --Silken