The Problem Pile

There are times that I just feel plain pissed off at the number of curve balls that get thrown my way. I just get through one challenge and boom, there is another. And about the lessons - why do we have to keep learning? Isn’t there a time when we can just cruise for awhile? As I get close to a great speaking contract that then falls through, as I work through learning challenges with both of my kids and as I put love and effort into a positive relationship with my ex-husband, I feel a little pity coming on. Poor me - so many complicated relationships, another setback and why can’t both of my kids come home with great reports cards like the rest of the world?

And then, I start to laugh. The perfect families, the perfect report card and the perfect lives, simply do not exist. What we have is our life - this messy, joyful and sometimes painful thing called living. And our job is to get up everyday, not knowing what we are going to face but giving it a whirl anyway. Our job is to bring the best of ourselves to our kids, our work, and our relationships. And we have problems, yes. And some of these problems can seem so all engrossing, and yet, if you toss yours in a pile and see everyone else’s, would you grab yours back?