Olympic Heart Burn

I am experiencing rather intense heartburn after several days of eating Olympic venue food. As a rule, I don't munch on a luke warm hot dog midmorning but, given that you can't bring food into any Olympic venue, I have been left with little choice. So here is what is on the Olympic menu at every event I have attended. Hot dog, veggie dog, pepperoni pizza, nachos with artificial cheese, greek salad pita's, dome dogs, salted pretzels and chips and candy bars. That folks is the fine display of healthy food available at the Vancouver Olympic Games. As the guy beside me said, if they are going to serve unhealthy food, at least serve tasty unhealthy food like poutine, beaver tails, and nachos with real cheese.

I guess I could just go hungry for a few hours, but I am the type of person that moves from slightly peckish to wanting to grab a Mars Bar out of a complete strangers hands, in seconds flat. Anyway, I think we could have done alot better with food at the venues. A hot dog will set you back five bucks, a tiny pizza eight and a pretzel five bucks again. I wouldn't mind spending the money if I could eat something that wasn't going to actually make me feel bad for the rest of the day.

Maybe it is just stress. Cheering on friends and countrymen is pretty exhausting. With the flag waving, the face painting, the foot stomping and all out screaming, I am coming home every day more tired than the kids. My friend Kim Van Bruggen is laughing at me, reminding me that for all those years she was the one waiting for me to compete, then working herself up into a frenzy minutes before the competition, then having her eyes shut for most of the actual race. When I watched the downhillers today, I couldn't help but think of the parents. Bad enough to be stressed out about how your child is going to place, add that the fear that they are going to crash and smash themselves up, it would be all a bit much. Of course Maelle Rickers mom looked pretty chuffed at the medal ceremony tonight, so maybe it's those moments that make it worth it. Good night everyone.