Olympic Closure

We are sitting waiting for the Closing Ceremonies to begin. Kate just leaned over and told me that this is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to her. When I asked what she meant she said the Olympics, that she couldn't even describe it but "it changed my life mommy." I honestly am not sure what she means but I think this is a very important thing. I know I feel it has been a priviledge to be here these past seventeen days. The events, the medals, the evening fundraisers put on by the CAN fund where every time a gold medal was won Sprott Investments gave a hundred grand right into the jeans of Canadian athletes. Do you know that thirteen members of the Canadian Women's Hockey team needed the CAN Fund to keep training to win gold? Maybe we can get the men's team to donate their twenty thousand gold medal money to the CAN Fund to help some of the athletes who also won gold but are making less than thirty thousand a year.

Its been an Olympics of seeing the games through the eyes of my children. They heard the stories of Alexandre Bilodeau and his brother, the stories of almost in the men's fifty km, the tears that followed. They loved screaming Cananda at the top of their lungs but also learning each evening about Right To Play and its work with the worlds most disadvantaged children. They met many Olympic medal winners and winners who finished fourth, or crash, or simply finished. I know this is an experience they will never ever forget. So I sign off for now to be in the moment with my kids at the Closing Ceremonies of a truly wonderful Games.