New Year

Forget Auld Lang Syne's and the traditional New Year's celebrations, September is the real beginning of the new year: new school year for kids; a shifting into higher gears at work; a time where the musings of unstructured summer days get turned into the actions of a changing year.  Some unsolicited honesty here, my summer was one hectic mess of kids, mother-in-laws, family reunions and work wedged in between.  However there were hours or at least minutes, when I gave into the dock and the sunshine and started to dream.

The summer for me is a time where I love to reflect on what I will do differently, how to do things better,  how to get unstuck where I might be wedged in a little too tightly, and where to focus some energy to create more of what I want.  Every summer, no matter how hectic, returns me to work anew, with fresh ideas and increased motivation.  By September, I want to be doing; writing that blog I long promised myself and others, doing that yogar I talked about all summer, vying for that business opportunity I have been too chicken to pursue.

So here it is, a new year.  What are you going to do that brings you a little more joy, increased fitness, a smoother running household or a mseausre of solitude in a busy week?