Moving On

My blog followers have asked where I went. To the land of real estate.

Buying a house is crazy. Biggest purchase of our life and we make it by seeing a house once or maybe twice. It takes me longer to buy a great pair of jeans. I put an offer on a house I have seen five times, which to most realtors seems over the top. I would have gone back ten times, with measuring tape and designer, but in the world of real estate this is not playing by the rules. The thing is, once the offer has gone through, that's it, you don't wear those pair of jeans until you move in months later. So what you remember about the colour of the guest sink, the make of the dishwasher, the evenness of the basement floor, is exactly that, your memory.

So, after seventeen years I am changing house.  Scary and wonderful. I find myself wandering around my garden saying goodbye to my trees. I realize I have develooed a deep love for the magnolia tree outside my kitchen window. Each April she reminded me that it was spring and another year had passed. My giant red poppies burst forth each May with an explosion of colour and if I make a business trip at the wrong time I miss it. Last night I actually saw the pod break open and a poppy emerge. I know there will be different flowers and different trees in my new garden, but these friends have inspired and delighted me and I will miss them.  Silken