Motivated Magazine - Exercise Your Risk Muscle

The greatest risk I have taken in my life, I took unknowingly.   Fourteen years ago I became a parent, and when I did, I risked my very happiness on my children's lives.  The moment I took my baby boy William into my arms, my whole world shifted.   I knew from his first breath, that he would move me more deeply than any human being had previously.   And there I was, baby in hand, recognizing I had done something that might well kill me, only know understanding the emotional minefield I had willfully, but naively, entered.   The second time, I was more prepared for how Kate would rock my worldk, but a part of me wondered how my emotional vulnerability could get any more intense.   Kate came out waving and has been redefining how I see myself, and the world, ever since.   Please view the PDF below for the entire article.