Motivated Magazine - Authentically Me

Here is an unsettling idea: We are not who we think we are.

Most of us go through our entire lives wearing a series of masks. We have different ones for different occasions. The mommy mask, all-smiling and eternally patient; the expert mask that we put on when teaching or advising; the agile and energetic mask we adorn when selling our skills or flogging our wares.

These masks become so comfortable that we lose awareness of the real-life, sentient being beneath all those layers. If you want to see a human unmasked, spend some time with little children. They laugh loudly and frequently. They delight in the smallest of things, and they will tell you, in no uncertain terms, when what you are asking doesn’t suit them. At some point, early in our development, we are given signals – signals that being jealous of a sibling is not appropriate; that crying when we are hurt is being dramatic – and bit by bit, we layer our authentic self with more socially acceptable masks.  Please view the PDF below for the entire article.