Mind Body Spirit

All of us as adults can in some way relate to the concept of Mind Body Spirit.  We may have for a time in our lives, ignored the needs of our body and found ourselves stricken with illness or injury. After a few years of this, most of us wise up to how connected our mental acuity and our productivity is to a balance in the mind, body and spirit. We simply function optimally when all are in balance. Our kids are no different and yet somehow, too many of us are missing the importance of movement for our kids. The Canadian Medical Association has decreed that children need 90 minutes of physical exercise each day to stay healthy. Only 10% of Canadian kids are getting what they need for optimal growth and development. This is hard to believe in a parenting culture of perfection. Most of us are obsessed with doing right by our kids and yet we seem to be missing one of the biggest pieces. Our kids need to move, they need to walk to school, ride their bikes, play in a park with their friends. And yes, they need better and more at the schools they are spending a significant part of their day. Let your schools administrators know how passionately you feel about physical education in your child’s school; let them know you support outdoor time, free play and physical activity in the school day. When you make an appointment to meet your child’s teacher, meet the teacher who is leading them in physical education and become more aware of what they are learning. Let’s make sure we do our part in getting our kids moving and voice our passion for making sure better physical education is happening in our schools.