Mayor Hazel McCallion

Leaving Canada Hockey Place after the Women's game I waited for the elevator with one of my personal hero's Hazel McCallion, the mayor of Mississauga.  As Two Mississauga natives we gave each other excited hugs while sharing our elation at Canada's Gold Medal victory.  It turns out that seeing the Olympic final was a dream come true for my hometown's Mayor, the longest running Mayor in Canadian history.

I have known Mayor Hazel McCallion since I was eighteen years old, qualifying for my first Olympic Games. Hazel has always been a huge supporter of women in sport, and has a passionate love for hockey herself.  Hazel is an inspirational woman, she has done an incredible amount for the city of Mississauga including bringing head offices to our city, building a cultural centre and ensuring we have the Ice Dogs hockey team.  I had no idea though, that the Mayor was such a hockey fan; she was fairly bubbling with excitement and pride for our Canadian women.  I appear to be the only Canadian who didn't know this given that the You Tube spot with Rick Mercer has had over two million hits.

Coincidently, later that evening, I met the man who found her the Olympic Gold Medal tickets and made our Mayor's visit to Vancouver happen. Good on you!  --Silken