Good Enough is Good Enough

My fiancé who owns Goodlife Fitness, states this mantra in his first book.  It is far easier to say than to live by.  Good Enough means letting go of the belief that there is some perfect place, some perfect decision, some perfect weight, some perfect achievement that we should be aiming for.

My body, for instance. What if my forty something body, a body not nearly as lean and defined as it was ten years ago is simply good enough.  It is a pretty liberating thought.  My daughter who is ten, just couldn’t figure out why I was in such a bad mood while trying on clothes the other day. “That looks so pretty” she said as I fought my way out of a tightly fitting blouse. It didn’t seem to bother her one bit that my size had slid from eight to ten. And watching her delight in the colours and styles of the clothes I was trying on, I began to see the situation from her perspective, a mother and daughter having fun finding a new outfit. I am a fit, healthy woman who has been gifted with good genetics and a strong body. I exercise every day, eat well and have a tremendous amount of joy in my life.  And so I began to take a different approach.  I turned to the mirror and told my image how beautiful I am; I gave thanks to my healthy body and enjoyed the beautiful colours of the fabrics of the blouse I had just flung to the floor. I poked my head out of the change room asked the sales clerk for a larger size and bought the blouse. Good Enough. -- Silken