Gift of Inner Discipline

The idea of the "gift of inner discipline" struck me from the moment I saw the  words on Barbara Coloroso's book, Kids are Worth It.  Discipline may sound more like a yolk, or a shore but it is in fact, one of the greatest gifts we can possess in our arsenal of self development.

Discipline at first glance may not seem to be linked to creativity and passion, and yet I notice that the frequency of times that I experience passion and creativity are directly proportioned to the discipline I have in structuring time for these pursuits and creating disciplines in my life, that bring me my greatest clarity and energy.  It is difficult to get up at 5.30 am to practice yoga or power walk, and yet the discipline of rising each morning at this time, has created the space to explore my spirit and strengthen my body.  These in turn give me the energy to spend evenings painting and writing.  One is linked to the other.

The discipline to decline a dinner invitation in order to move further along a book I am writing feels like a hardship, but when after weeks of labouring I see a chapter emerge, the rewards are wonderful.

I am very aware that we all have one life, and really, there isn't alot of time.  If I am going to write that book, exhibit those paintings, take that yoga class, I need to start creating time to do these things.  Discipline is the staunch, boring word that I consider an enormous gift in my life.