Extraordinary and Exceptional Women

Today was one of those days that I reflect on and marvel that this is my life. A luncheon, as the guest of Laureen Harper at the G20. The other guests -- none other than her Excellency, Mrs. Obama, other spouses of World Leaders and some pretty impressive Canadian women like Astronaut Julie Payette. Our common passion in physical activity and kids, had Mrs. Obama and I sitting at the same table, along with Fashion Television host Jeanne Beker and Olympic figure skater Joannie Rochette. To my left was Mr. Kaur of the Republic of India, an intelligent and compassionate women who has led an extraordinary life herself..

Extraordinary is what every woman in the room had in common, and yet they were so approachable and humble and real. It only took 3O minutes and I felt I was having lunch with new friends, except they were wives of presidents or heads of states. Each one, without exception were leaders in their own right , either once running NGO's, involved in creating policy or supporting their partners political campaigns. These are smart women who have done exceptional things. I felt so inspired to keep pushing ahead with my dreams. There is something so wonderful about being in the company of women who are brave and ambitious, women who have gone after their dreams. Senator Pamela Wallin described her journey as one step at a time, of doing something that scares you, of daring to move ahead without a specific plan. Julie Payette has lived in Houston, Texas eighteen years chasing her dream of space. Beverly Mahood, a phenomenal country singer is not only talented but gives her time through countless charitable work. She said we have one hand  for receiving and one for giving. All in all, an amazing day that will lift me and inspire me to raise the bar. Thank you ladies. Silken