A Day of Firsts

Yesterday was a day of firsts. William was keen on getting tickets for snowboard cross, a sport I had never even heard about. Thanks to Omega my kids and I attended and had an absolutely crazy fun time. The sport is skilled boarding, tactics and chance, all built into one.  Four Canadians made it into the quarterfinal, which made for crazy amounts of cheering and foot stomping on the bleachers. My son was cheering madly for Fagan who got grabbed by a snow snake according to my fiancée, and was eliminated from the next round. Between rounds loud music blasted through the speakers and all the fans got to know one another. My daughter made friends with an American couple behind us, and the deal was we would cheer for the Americans as long as a Canadian wasn't competing. This is half the fun of being at the Olympics as a spectator. Everybody is experiencing the event together and that connection begins conversation. We met parents of athletes and shared their excitement and disappointment. -- Silken