Maybe moving house is emotional because it is about change. Change is what people say is good unless it is about them changing. If a friend tells you they are changing jobs, or buying a new house, or taking a new tact in their career, we say great, but most of us approach change in our lives with a degree of terror. Change is not just about adding things to our life, it is about letting go. And that is where the fear comes in. Letting go of a way of thinking that has helped us be sucessful in the past but is no longer working. Letting go of sales techniques that were the foundation of your training twenty years ago but need to be let go. Letting go is about creating space. Creating space for the new to enter. If you can't let go of the old friends that you are keeping because you have known them for ten years even though you no longer have much in common, you are shutting out the entry of new friends that will help you expand and grow.

Letting go of even dysfunctional relationships can be painful. I discovered this in spades over the last years, but the emotional growth this leads to is powerful. If we can find the courage and persistence to keep moving forward in our life, to keep embracing the fact that change is as much about letting go as it is about embracing the new: change will transform our life. Silken