Catching my breath after the first week of school

I have input all my children's activities into my blackberry with hopes that I don't forget too many events and practices. Notice I said "too many"; it is a given that we are going to forget a few things, like that Friday is early pickup, like our child needs a new ballet outfit because she has grown two inches (that was yesterday), that Tuesday is formal day at school and she needs her blazer (that was today). I was so irritated that I forgot to drop off my daughters blazer yesterday, it meant driving an extra twenty-four minutes this morning, it meant getting up early on the first day my kids were at their dad's house. And then I remembered all the things I had done right in the last week, the dozens of appointments and details I had not forgotten, the calls I had made on my children's behalf, the forms I had filled out. So my message to all the busy moms and dads these first weeks of school is, cut yourself some slack, you are not going to get it all right, but you are doing a great job. We are all doing our best getting used to new routines, new sports schedules, new teachers. Let's focus on all the things we are doing well to keep our kids healthy and happy, let's congratulate ourselves on making it through this first week. If you are new at this back to school routine let me assure you, September will end! Let's raise our latte's to each other before we rush off again to pick up the kids from school.