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Contributing to the Success of Others

My twelve year old son William had his first shift of volunteering on Saturday at the Selkirk Waterfront Festival. He spent most of the day handing out waterbottles, putting ballots in ballot boxes and meeting people. Amazing in a boy who still has trouble looking people straight in the... more

"A Day in the Life"

Autograph signing - "A Day in the Life" at the Olympics for an Olympian!

Women's Hockey, Cow Bells and Parties

So there I was at the Women's Gold Medal Hockey game as guest of Premier Gordon Campbell, when I decide to go get a bottle of water without disturbing any of my box mates. I climb over the seats and somehow one of my feet get stuck between the back of the chair and the floor, causing me... more

We Are Canadian

So my kids and I were at men's Snowboard Cross last week. This is the sport where snowboarders come down the course four by four, sometimes gently nudging one another, sometimes spectacularly wiping out across one another; one minute a boarder is leading, the next minute he's fallen into... more

Interviews and Line Ups

I spent the morning between RTPtv and CBC Radio. RTP is an organization that brings sport and play to the most disadvantaged children in the world. I have volunteered with RTP for a decade and served for years as the Chair of the International Board. You can go to the World Of Play... more

Reflections - Sport for Peace and Development

Our Olympic experience began yesterday with the Sport for Peace and Development Conference hosted by UBC and Right To Play. On the day of the Opening Ceremonies it was fitting to be reflecting on the role of sport for peace and development. Stephen Lewis spoke about his conversion to the... more

Olympic Nostalgia

Today’s Olympic related activities include making a big banner with the kids saying “We Believe—In You.” My son wants to hold it up at the Opening Ceremonies for the athletes to see from the infield.  Here is something that has just occurred to me. I have never been to the Opening... more

The Games Begin

As the Olympics descend upon us, the critics of these Olympic and Paralympic Games in Vancouver are being drowned out by slogans of “ We Believe”, “Go Canada Go” and “Own the Podium”. We can almost taste the medals “we” are going to win, and we can be promised stories of courage,... more