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There’s No Reason To Dread The Teenage Years: Parenting 101

My kids have all returned to school, and with them their friends, their boyfriends, and the happy high paced days and long nights of holiday with teenagers. Teenagers do not sleep the same hours as us adults, and trying to keep up with their zany schedule is as futile as it is exhausting... more

The Meaning Of Christmas Extends Beyond Family

I wonder if the tide is turning about Christmas. This year, it seems that more is being written about putting the meaning back in Christmas. This is pretty dicey territory, because Christmas does in fact have different meaning for different people. To many, Christmas marks the birth of... more

Recommended Reading for the Holiday Season

When my son asked my advice on what courses to enrol in during his first year of University I didn’t even have to think. “Take some courses you think will be interesting, if you are lucky there will be a course that will blow the top of your head off, something that will leave you... more


Transitions are a big theme in my life right now.  My son is going off to University, I finished a book a year ago and am pondering next steps in my life, and every client I am coaching seems to be going through some sort of significant life change.  Transitions are comprised of endings,... more


On my office wall is a painting of a woman, strong  and vibrant, with words embedded into the canvas.  They read “ I love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars.”  These words have given me both comfort and inspiration in the last... more

A Well-Beaten Path (Part 1)

 It was when I was late for a meeting with a sponsor, running  around the house cursing, senseless with anxiety and frustration at once again not being able to find my car keys, that I had this epiphany:  we don’t make things different by keeping them the same.  If you want different... more

Confessions of the Pathologically Competitive

I am the worst kind of competitive.  You know, one of those people who doesn’t think she is competitive, who thinks she is a good enough person that she can turn it off when with family and small children, that is until somebody in the room yells “go”.  Then her true nature shows.  To... more

On World Autism Day

As a speaker, a writer and advocate for healthy kids, I make my life in the business of communication.  As a NLP Master Practitioner and Life Coach, I pay attention to the words people chose to express their ideas and emotions, and I am careful of the language I use to express my own.  I... more

Sport after Play

For all those parents who are worried that from the time their children are walking, they need to sign them up for sport—take heart.  I have long promoted the importance of unstructured play for children, particularly young children.  More about this can be explored in my Best selling... more

Tribute to Randy Starkman

I was standing beside Jane Roos, founder of the Can Fund, when I heard the sad news of Randy Starkman's passing. Randy was loved by every amateur athlete in this country.  When he called, my assistant would simply say "Randy called" and I would know that Randy would want my perspective,... more