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Vancouver Sun – What Makes a Civil Society?

The other day I was feeling a bit melancholy and so I put on my walking shoes and headed out with Balto, the family dog, to walk around the lake. As I walked, runners passed and grunted hello, strolling couples smiled my way, and I exchanged quick greetings with faces I recognized from... more

Parents Canada – Putting the Fun Back into Sport

William and Kate are in a terrific swim program twice a week. More accurately, it’s a swim club. My ex and I signed them up because we wanted them to build a strong foundation for other sports they might like to try in the future. The swim club provides such effective coaching that it... more

Parents Canada – Let’s Play

I am a passionate proponent of unstructured free play for kids. I know how to play with my kids and how to get them connected with neighborhood kids. Hell, I even wrote a book about it. And yet, admittedly, last fall, structure sort of crept up on us. One music lesson a week, two soccer... more

Parents Canada – Super Silken

In 1992, at the Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Canadian rower Silken Laumann was the favourite to win gold. She was already a world champion, and a bronze medallist at the previous Olympics in L.A, so Canada's medal hopes were high. Then tragedy struck, just 10 weeks before The Games.... more