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Powerful Women

Last week I was invited to speak at an event focused on Women in Business. I brought a friend who owns her own business, focused on strategic communications and public relations strategy.  Along with running a successful business, she has raised three children and recently finished an... more

Keynote with Accenture

Silken spent the day enjoying the company of 150 successful business women at Accenture. She gave the the keynote on Living our Best LIfe, exploring important themes such as owning our success and challenging limiting beliefs . The crowd gave her a roaring standing ovation. Thank you... more

New Year

Forget Auld Lang Syne's and the traditional New Year's celebrations, September is the real beginning of the new year: new school year for kids; a shifting into higher gears at work; a time where the musings of unstructured summer days get turned into the actions of a changing year.  Some... more


What does it mean to reinvent oneself, to reinvent one’s life? Some believe people can’t change. I have witnessed transformations in people that have led to a more meaningful and fulfilling life. I have transformed my own life to a level in which I no longer see the world in the same way... more