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Mental Health is Health

This week has been Canadian Mental Health Association’s Mental Health Week. I’ve seen a lot of excitement about it online – there has never been a time in history where so much emphasis has been put on our health.  That said, a Google search of “health” provides an overwhelming amount of... more

Relearning to Breathe through Yoga

To breathe, is the most natural thing in the world – or so they say. Years ago, watching my baby boy sleeping, I would watch him breathe in what seemed like a whole body activity. His belly expanded like a balloon when he breathed in and his belly pushed downward completely emptying... more

How to Discover your Inner Athlete

I exercise almost every day. It kind of comes with the territory of being an Olympian who’s married into the world of fitness, but I pretty sure that’s not why I do it. I exercise every day because it makes me happy. Like, I actually mostly enjoy exercise in the moment.  People will tell... more

What question summons you to be fearless?

Quiet your mind for a moment with me. What is a question that summons you to be fearless? Fair, the question itself reads a wee bit cryptic, “What is the question that summons you to be fearless?”  When I asked myself this question, I stayed with it for a moment and this is what I wrote.... more

How Kindness Makes you Happier

I want to be kind, I really do. Kindness matters, I know this, I coach this, I speak about the power of kindness, and yet – yes there is a yet. In my primary relationship with my husband, being kind seems to be in a wrestling match with being right. Being right just feels so good. It is a... more

How To #BeFearless in 2017

As we race breathlessly through January, energized by our resolutions, we may find ourselves sliding rather rapidly into February. Where did the month go? More importantly where are we in relation to all those resolutions? You know, the fitness programme, the commitment to eat no sugar,... more

Becoming a mom forced me to deal with my mental illness — and my family’s.

Last night I was putting my stepdaughter to bed, when she ran downstairs and frantically opened every cupboard in the front entrance looking for two flashlights.   Once she found the two flashlights, she moved them to another drawer, aligning them meticulously. When she was satisfied they... more

Even Coaches Need Coaching: How to Be Successful In 2017

As a champion of change and personal development, I love the New Year. As the calendar turns, I am filled with excitement of all the new things I want to accomplish and some of the things I am ready to let go of. I keep a list. This is very unlike me. I am not a list person, but when it... more

Tea with a Titan, Episode 11: Silken Laumann, Four-time Olympic rower

Guest Titan: Silken Laumann, Four-time Olympic rower. What we cover: If there’s something on this planet that’s more inspiring than the concept of those who rise again after they fall, well, I’m afraid I just don’t know what it is. And perhaps no other Canadian athlete most exemplifies... more

As Maple As with Ron MacLean

My interview with Ron MacLean about the difference between being an Olympian and watching the Olympics as a fan and the importance of having a connection with nature and the outdoors. Click Here.