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GoodLife’s Spin 4 Kids!

My butt is killing me.  Spin 4 Kids was held throughout Canada this Saturday March 3rd, and I cycled, alongside GoodLife’s fearless leader Patch, and Olympic cyclist Seamus McGrath, for 2 hours!  I can almost hear you die-hard spinners and cyclists mocking my complaints, but my bottom end... more

Right to Play Rwanda

There is something remarkable happening in Rwanda today. In a country that has been torn apart of civil war and genocide, there are children playing. Tutsi and Hutu children, brought together by a ball and a soccer field; girls holding a red ball in their small hands for the very first... more

Mind Body Spirit

All of us as adults can in some way relate to the concept of Mind Body Spirit.  We may have for a time in our lives, ignored the needs of our body and found ourselves stricken with illness or injury. After a few years of this, most of us wise up to how connected our mental acuity and our... more

Canadians help fight for ‘defiled’ girls in Kenya

Every once in awhile, I have to pass along something that has deeply moved me. In our world of internet overload, it is easy to pass by those computer generated messages asking for our attention. But here's one I hope you'll pay attention to. Please read this article in The Toronto Star... more